Petit Blueberries

November 15, 2023

Just in time for the holidays, we have new jewelry!  The Petite Blueberry Earrings and Brooch are our latest additions to the Silver Seasons collection, designed by Michael Michaud and handcrafted in the USA.  The petite blueberries are made from cast glass, and are smaller than the lapis lazuli berries in the Blueberry Earrings.

Valentine Gift Ideas

January 24, 2020

If you are grasping for an idea this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered. We have plenty of beautiful jewelry that you can find on our website.

Below are three of our most popular items. Pick one, or all three!


Heathergems Heart Pendant and Earring Set. Made in Scotland.



Lovebirds Necklet, by Odin Lonning, made in USA


Lovebirds Earrings in Sterling Silver. Designed by Tlingit Odin Lonning, made in USA.




Possum Wool to Take Off the Chill

January 4, 2019

While parts of the country are downright frigid, there are other parts where there’s just enough chill in the air to need a pair of gloves. Our possum/merino wool gloves can do the trick in both places. The lightness and warmth of possum wool, combined with the softness of merino wool proved a warmth and comfort for your hands. They are also thin enough to be used as a liner in a pair of mittens or thicker gloves.

For those who still need the dexterity of the fingertips, we also provide fingerless gloves.


Lothlorian Possum Wool Scarf


Lothlorian Possum Wool Gloves


Lothlorian Fingerless Gloves



Lothlorian Knitwear




Julie Nangala Robertson

November 21, 2018

We are pleased to feature an additional artist in the Occulture line.

Julie Nangala Robertson is one of five daughters born in Yuendumu in 1973 to well-known Telstra Award winning artist, Dorothy Napangardi (Dec 2013). Since the late 1990’s, while often in the company of her talented mother, Julie has pursued and developed a creative visual language of her own, one which consists of a fascinating blend of stylised experimentation and ancient narrative.

Usually an aerial perspective along with a more recently and established distinctive monochromatic pallette, Julie’s current paintings (which depict the topographical features of her traditional country at the site of Pirlinyanu) have become works of extraordinary optical brilliance as she alternates the size of dots throughout her work as well as building up specific shapes or reference points often repeated with overdotting.

Julie has been painting with Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal owned and governed art centre located in Yuendumu, since 2007. She paints her mother’s Jukurrpa stories, stories that have been passed down to her by her mother and all the mothers before them for millennia. Her work has been included in numerous collections and exhibitions of Aboriginal Art in both Australia and overseas.

All artwork featured in the Occulture jewelry is licensed and royalties are paid directly to the individual artist. For more information about Julie Nangala Robertson and her artwork please visit


Water Dreaming Pendant by Julie Nangala Robertson

Water Dreaming Bracelet by Julie Nangala Robertson







Try Cordon y Cuero with Occulture Pendants

September 21, 2018

We have been extremely happy with the our Occulture jewelry. There’s no question that it’s a hit because of the beauty. Why not show off your pendant with a leather choker? Cordon y Cuero is a company in Taos, New Mexico. Larry Knapp learned how to braid while in Ibiza, Spain back in the 1970s. His leather is vegetable tanned. The two items complement each other with a natural beauty.

Lappi Lappi Dreaming Pendant with Cordon y Cuero Choker


Lappi Lappi Dreaming Pendant with Cordon y Cuero Choker



Cordon y Cuero




There’s Still Plenty of Time for Hiking

August 24, 2018

With the dog days of summer nearly over, a day hike isn’t looking as formidable as it was just a week ago. Spending a day in the sun can actually be enjoyable. rather then a throat-parching, sweat-drenched experience. With pleasant weather ahead (sorry Texas) go ahead and spend the day outdoors. We have a few items that you may find useful for your venture outdoors.



Possum Trekking Socks


The possum trekking socks are designed for hiking. The sole is cushioned with a terry knit. Possum fiber and merino wool make for a very comfortable fit. Just enough nylon to keep the shape.

Urban Field Bag


Our urban field bag works great outdoors, too. The waxed cotton is extremely tough and can withstand anything you throw at it. It’s just large enough to carry the essentials.


Coober Pedy: Oregon State Parks Badge


With a 3-1/4 inch brim, turned down in the Aussie style, the Coober Pedy will give plenty of sun and rain protection. They are worn by the Oregon State Park Service. What better endorsement is that? By the way, the folks at South Beach State Park are the best.



New Driza-Bone Items Available!

September 1, 2017

We have several new items this fall from Driza-Bone, Australia’s preeminent maker of outerwear. Driza-Bone began in the 1890s when British sailor Emilius Le Roy designed an indestructible wet-weather jacket made from recycled ship sails that were treated with oil.

Today the range covers outerwear and apparel for all conditions, inside and out, constructed for durability, comfort and protection. They are durable and work in the harshest of elements.


Bowen Weekender Bag:

The rugged and stylish Bowen Weekender Bag is perfect for a weekend getaway. You can pack everything you need and throw it in the back of your jeep and head out of town. It is made of dry-waxed cotton. Dry wax is a cotton fabric which is only very lightly waxed. The backing has a water-resistant coating. It is not as water resistant as the Desert Wax and traditional oilskin.

Driza-Bone Bowen Weekender Bag


Newtown Knit Sweater:

The Driza-Bone Newtown Knit Sweater is identical to the Driza-Bone Nelson Sweater, except it has a 3 inch collar and a 1/4 length zip closure. It is very comfortable and functional for active wear. The 100% merino wool yarn is highly twisted for added strength and reduced pilling. The sweater is knitted in a moss stitch, adding texture and flexibility to the garment. There are elbow patches for reinforcement.

Newton Knit Sweater by Driza-bone. Merino wool, made in Australia.


Barkly Field Coat:

The Barkly Field Coat is made of Driza-Bone’s Desert Wax. While still a waxed cotton, it has a drier feel but has all the qualities of the traditional oilcloth: it’s waterproof, wind resistant and extremely warm in cool and cold weather.

Barkly Field Coat by Driza-Bone



The Vibrancy of Northwest Art

May 19, 2017

Pacific Northwest art has a long and vibrant history. Stretching back over ten thousand years, coastal tribes created artwork based on materials that they found locally and could trade with other tribes, such as copper and shells. When Europeans moved into the area, the artwork utilized products traded from the Europeans, including iron.

At David Morgan, our traditional jewelry has been made from patterns over a hundred years old. These traditional patterns were designed by Tlingit tribes. In the early 1900’s, Mayer Brothers, a jewelry manufacturer in Seattle, produced silver bracelets to sell to the Indians along the Pacific Northwest coast. These trade bracelets became favored items to be given away at potlatches. Production has continued to this day under a succession of manufacturing companies here in the Northwest.

Lovebirds Trade Bracelet, sterling silver. Designed by Bill Wilson, made in USA.

Pacific Northwest art continues to be vibrant and innovative today. Odin Lonning, a Tlingit from Juneau, is an award-winning artist who has designed several of our jewelry pieces, including the ever-popular Raven and the Box of Daylight.

Corrine Hunt has made a tremendous impact in the art world. She is also a Tlingit/Komoyue and a member of the Raven Gwa’wina clan. She designed the medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics. We are proud to sell items from her Spirit of the Wild collection.

Corrine Hunt Deerskin Wristlet. Spirit of the Wild Collection.

We are pleased to offer a range of trade bracelets and matching rings designed by Bill Wilson, a Tlingit raised in Hoonah, Alaska. The bracelets are struck from the original dies made in the early 1900’s for trade with the Indians of the Pacific Northwest. Typical of the early patterns, the bracelets are relatively narrow, with the design on the terminals. The bracelets and rings are available in sterling silver.

Christian White carved the argillite chess pieces of which we sell the Boma reproductions. He is a Haida from the island of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.

Please enjoy this article about Christian White from the New York Times.


Pacific Northwest Art


Try a Tilley This Summer

April 28, 2017
Warmer weather has arrived and many are wondering what kind of sun protection they need. Tilley Endurables, the Canadian company long recognized as the maker of high quality outdoor hats, was started in 1980 when Alex Tilley needed a good hat for sailing and couldn’t find one, and decided to make one himself. He spared no effort, sought advice from a milliner, sailmaker and hat maker, and, as he says “got it right”. Only afterwards, when he saw that he had an outstanding hat, did he decide to sell it through stores. The sale of the original hat, and expansion into a range of hats and travel ware, has benefited from Alex Tilley’s imagination and insistence on outstanding quality.

Tilley Airflo


Tilley produces hats in a variety of materials including Harris Tweed and Nylantium. One of their more innovative hat fabrics is hemp. Industrial hemp is an outstanding fiber, useful in textiles, high strength cordage and papermaking. As a farm crop it is relatively pest-free, does not deplete the soil, and requires little fertilizer. Tilley’s hemp fabric has a linen-like appearance and feel. It is resistant to mold and mildew, and to salt water. It has a UPF rating of 50+, the maximum UV protection rating given. The fabric makes up into a truly high performance hat. This is possible because they make the hats very well, of outstanding material, enabling them to offer their lifetime guarantee of replacement if the hat wears out.
Please see the individual hats for care instructions, as care varies with the material used.  The hemp, Nylantium and classic cotton hats are washable. Machine wash, air dry. Do not bleach. If your hats must of necessity be dried or stored under warm conditions, regular use of a Hat Stretcher will be beneficial.

Tilley Outback

Tilley also insures your hat against loss. If you do lose it, or the family dog destroys it, Tilley will replace it within two years of the purchase date at half Tilley’s current catalogue price, through Tilley’s mail-order department. (Tilley always try to meet their clients at least half way!) With your hat, you’ll be provided with “The Straight-Shooter’s Statement of Loss of a Tilley Hat” insurance policy. Again, the insurance is for two years, all perils, 50% deductible, and is not issued by Lloyds but by Tilley directly. Simply send your insurance certificate or proof of purchase directly to Tilley and Tilley will send you a replacement hat for 50% of their current catalogue price.

Crosses for Easter

April 7, 2017

With Easter approaching, you may be struggling to find a unique gift. Our Celtic Crosses are rich with history that stretches back over a thousand years.

The Celtic Cross Pendant is inspired by the stone Celtic crosses found in many parts of Wales, dating from the early days of Christianity in Britain.

Muiredach’s Cross Pendant

Muiredach’s Cross of Monasterboice is an outstanding example of later period Celtic crosses, with full ornamentation on both front and back and on the sides. This small cross is a finely detailed reproduction, including edge ornamentation.

Trinity Cross Necklet

Our Trinity Cross Necklet has triskeles incised in each arm, symbolizing the Trinity in an ancient Celtic style.


Celtic Jewelry