Sydney and Hampton Now on Sale

May 8, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Akubra’s manufacturing in Australia. In order to ensure a successful path forward once this challenge has passed, Akubra is reducing the number of styles offered until further notice. Our lead time in obtaining Akubras is around five to six months, and these changes will affect our fall and winter hat selection.

Two of the styles we are unlikely to be able to stock fully for our fall and winter season are the Sydney and the Hampton. We are offering our remaining stock of these two styles at a great price.

The Sydney is the first Akubra city hat we offered. This open crown hat is made from a slightly softer felt than our other Akubras, and is easily shaped. The most common bash for this style is a Fedora bash. If you’ve been contemplating buying an open crown hat, now is an excellent opportunity to do so. We provide instructions on bashing your open crown hat in our hat manual (included with each Akubra) and online. For those who desire more help, we do offer a Custom Bash service.



Sydney Hat by Akubra, Fedora Bash

Sydney Hat by Akubra, Fedora Bash


The Hampton is another city hat, pre-creased with a center dent. This hat is the narrowest brim Akubra we offer, measuring just 1-3/4 inches, and is an easy choice for people who like to wear a hat in and out of a car. Both the Sydney and Hampton are fully lined.


Hampton Hat

Hampton Hat



Sydney Hats

Hampton Hats


News About our Spring and Summer Catalog

May 5, 2020

Our Spring/Summer 2020 catalog is now available as a pdf. You can download or view the catalog here.

Normally, you’d be receiving a printed copy of the catalog in your mailbox about this time. The COVID-19 disruptions started just as we were finalizing our spring catalog. Without knowing how the disruptions would affect us, we chose not to print. At the same time, we chose to hold all pricing in our Fall and Winter 2019/2020 catalog through the summer. Although our retail store is temporarily closed, we are able to take orders online or by phone. Most items are in stock, although our spring shipment of Darwin Panamas and Panama Fedoras has been delayed and some sizes are back ordered. Other summer hats such as the Hemp Balmoral are in good supply.


Balmoral Hemp Hat by Akubra


Our catalog, which we publish just twice a year, also gives us the opportunity to alert our customers to changes. This spring brings a bittersweet change, with Judie Gumm retiring. We have carried Judie Gumm’s Alaskan jewelry for more than 30 years. We are sad to lose this collection but wish Judie and her husband Richard a wonderful retirement. Our remaining Judie Gumm lost wax castings, made in Alaska, are available here until sold out.