Peshtemal: Turkish Towels

October 16, 2015
These Turkish towels, or peshtemal, are 100% cotton towels, made in Turkey.

Peshtemal Turkish Towel


Turkish towels, also known as peshtemal, have been used in Turkish baths for over 600 years. Each region of Turkey has its own design. The peshtemal we provide come from the Aegean area of Turkey. According to ancient Turkish traditions, when a couple decided to marry they gave each other a bath set as a gift, with the peshtemal the most indispensable piece of the set.

Originally handwoven, with the advent of electricity most are now woven on electric looms, with the ecru colored fringes hand finished. The patterns are woven into the cloth, with the colors from vegetable dyes. The towels are thin, lightweight and will dry quickly, perfect for the beach!



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New Jewelry from Silver Seasons

October 1, 2015

We are pleased to offer jewelry from the Silver Seasons collection, designed by Michael Michaud. Each piece is hand crafted in New York.

Michael Michaud resides in Fairfield, Connecticut. Michael’s love of nature and his exceptional knowledge of jewelry making inspired him to launch the Silver Seasons Collection in 1992. Years of experience has given him the ability to capture the finest details of nature and to craft them with metal. He has perfected the technique of creating models from natural botanical elements and, after the models are made, manipulating these “copies of nature” into his jewelry. Using primarily bronze and natural stones, the Silver Seasons jewelry we offer is renowned for its craftsmanship and beauty.

Below are just three of our many gorgeous pieces:


Cranberry Necklace, Bronze

Cranberry Cluster Necklace


Sea Horse Key Ring

Sea Horse Key Ring


Weeping Willow Earrings, Bronze

Weeping Willow Earrings



Michael Michaud Jewelery