Haida and Tlingit Indians have two main clans, the Eagles and the Ravens. Traditionally, members of the same clan cannot marry, so marriages typically signify the joining of an eagle to a raven. Designs linking eagle and raven, known as the lovebirds, are popular in items such as bracelets and rings, given as gifts between couples of these clans.

Lovebirds Necklet
Lovebirds Earrings
Lovebirds Bracelet, Small
Lovebirds Bracelet, Large
Lovebirds Trade Bracelet
Lovebirds (Raven) Dog Tag, Silver
Lovebirds Pendant
Lovebirds (Eagle) Dog Tag, Silver
Lovebirds Ring by Bill Wilson
Lovebirds Ring, 14 kt. Gold
Lovebirds Pin
Lovebirds (Raven) Dog Tag,Copper
Lovebirds (Eagle) Dog Tag,Copper
Lovebirds Bracelet, Medium
Lovebirds Whale's Tail Pendant
Lovebirds Ring, Large