Prison Blues Introduces New Colors

May 21, 2024

Prison Blues has recently sent us their new Rigid Olive color tone garments. Made from 100% US cotton canvas, this material is a tightly woven fabric that’s stronger than denim. The Rigid Olive Canvas is a perfect fit for active work days, being made from a lighter weight and more comfortable fabric.

These products are hand-crafted by inmates serving time at the Eastern Oregon Correction Institution. The garments have helped create a work program that has given inmates an opportunity to pay their bills, build a work ethic, and gain a longstanding work skill.

In addition to their Rigid Olive color option, Prison Blues has added Charcoal. Now available in their Work Shirt line, be sure to check out the Charcoal color if you’re out playing in the dirt and need a reliable, long-lasting work shirt.

Known for their great quality and value, we recommend Prison Blues whether for casual or work wear. “Made on the Inside to be worn on the Outside.”

Spring / Summer 2024 Catalog is now available

May 13, 2024

Our Spring / Summer 2024 Catalog is now available. It is also available as a PDF file here. Here’s a quote from Will that we wanted to share.

“Dear Customers and Friends,

It is an interesting time to be in the retail business, especially with a small family owned and operated company like David Morgan. The past six months we’ve seen more vendors retired and some of our favorite products discontinued. We’ve also found some great new products we hope you like, scattered through this catalog.

I and our staff look forward to your continued patronage as we bring you our eclectic mix of quality items. Thank you!

– Will Morgan”

Akurba’s Hemp Range hat is one of those products that we’re sad to see go. The Hemp Range has been our go-to recommendation for folks looking for a hat that that can take some damage while keeping them out the sun. Available for as long as we have stock, these hats are stiffer and longer-wearing than our other Panama hats. Please call or click the link above to check if your hat size is still available.


A product we’re excited to add to our showcase is the Archaeologist Satchel by Frost River. The satchel is the perfect carrier for our 450 Series Bullwhips, used in the “Indiana Jones” movies. The bag has been so popular that we’ve sold out of our first batch but we will have more to be shipped out by 5/23/2024. Frost River guarantees the seams on your bag will stay sewn together, the rivets will hold, the zippers will work, and the buckles will do their job for as long as you (or even your grandkids) have your bag.

Not currently getting our catalog? Click here to be added to the mailing list!

Petit Blueberries

November 15, 2023

Just in time for the holidays, we have new jewelry!  The Petite Blueberry Earrings and Brooch are our latest additions to the Silver Seasons collection, designed by Michael Michaud and handcrafted in the USA.  The petite blueberries are made from cast glass, and are smaller than the lapis lazuli berries in the Blueberry Earrings.

Dial of Destiny

June 29, 2023

Best wishes for the roll out of Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny! Over the years our company has enjoyed many visits ( and purchases ) from fans of the Raider’s franchise. We hope that this the fifth installation in the series satisfies the old fans and recruits some new ones.

453 8′ Bullwhip
1632 Akubra Adventurer hat, with Indy bash

March 1st is St David’s Day

February 27, 2023

Since the 12th Century, Saint David (Dewi Sant) has been celebrated as the Patron Saint of Wales. Today the celebrations usually involve the singing of traditional songs followed by a Te Bach, a tea with bara brith (famous welsh fruited bread) and teisen bach (welsh cake). Young girls are encouraged to wear the national costume and leeks or daffodils, the national symbols of Wales, are worn.

St David descended from royalty. As a missionary, he travelled throughout Wales and Britain and even made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem where he was consecrated bishop. He founded 12 monasteries including Glastonbury and one at Minevia (St. Davids) which he made his bishops seat. The monastery he founded at Menevia in Southwestern Wales was noted for extreme asceticism. David and his monks drank neither wine nor beer – only water – while putting in a full day of heavy manual labor and intense study.

Monastery life was very strict, the brothers having to work very hard, cultivating the land and pulling the plough. Many crafts were followed – beekeeping, in particular, was very important. The monks had to keep themselves fed as well as provide food and lodging for travellers. They also looked after the poor.

St David died on 1 March 589 A.D., at Minevia, allegedly over 100 years old. His remains were buried in a shrine in the 6th century cathedral which was ransacked in the 11th century by Viking invaders, who plundered the site and murdered two Welsh bishops.

In 1120, Pope Callactus II canonised David as a Saint. Following this he was declared Patron Saint of Wales.

Source: St David – Patron Saint of Wales — by Ben Johnson, Catholic Online

Learn more about Celtic Jewelry here:

Celtic Jewelry from David Morgan — Celtic bracelets, earrings, pendants, Celtic rings and more : from David Morgan

Valentine’s Day Ideas

January 27, 2023

With Valentine’s Day approaching, David Morgan has you covered. We have a wide selection of heart-shaped jewelry. Whether you want silver, bronze or even something totally unique, you can find it here.

The Hummingbird Heart bronze jewelry is made by Cavin Richie. Cavin Richie grew up in Colorado surrounded by the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. He moved to Washington State in 1970 and has lived near the sea ever since. Cavin’s designs are a reflection of his surroundings. His line includes birds, mammals and amphibians, all accurately detailed. For the past thirty years he has carved with shed elk antler and woolly mammoth ivory. These carvings became the basis for his lost wax casting jewelry.

“Carving,” says Cavin “is like touching antiquity. I feel a kinship with a long lineage of carvers dating back to the Pleistocene.”

Hummingbird Heart Necklace by Cavin Richie

Heathergems are handmade from the stems of heather, a common Scottish plant renowned for its purple bloom. The heather used is too old to provide any nutrition for wildlife and is pulled in a manner which promotes the growth of new heather.

The stems are dried, shotblasted to remove the bark and dyed various colors using natural dyes. Stems of different colors are then mixed together and compressed into a block. Eighty tons of pressure is required to press the block of stems together. The block is then cut into slices and individual pieces are cut, shaped and filed by skilled craftworkers before being lacquered to give the final finish. The Heathergem jewelry we offer are set into sterling silver fittings. Each piece comes gift boxed, with a card explaining the process used to create Heathergems.

David Morgan Open on Saturday through Christmas Eve

November 15, 2022

We are happy to announce that our David Morgan store is now open on Saturdays through Christmas Eve. Our hours are 9 to 5. For many people, weekends are the only free time to go shopping, so stop by and have a look around. As we are in an office park, there is no problem with parking. We have an impressive selection of jewelry and hats. Shopping for a hat is much better when you have an opportunity to try on several sizes.

As an added bonus, we are situated along North Creek, with several miles of hiking. You can make it a day of shopping and hiking.

New Jewelry by BOMA

September 23, 2022

We have four additional jewelry items by BOMA. Both the Orca and the Raven Clamshell pendants are designed by Bill Helin and the two Octopus pieces are designed by Andrew Williams.

Bill Helin is a Tsimshian native artist and enjoys a very rewarding career as a creative gold engraver, painter, woodcarver, and book illustrator. His ancestry is from the Gits’iis tribe in the village of Lax Kw’alaams, British Columbia.

The Raven Clamshell Pendant shows Raven perched on a clamshell with humanity inside.

The Orca Pendant depicts a legendary aquatic animal. Orcas, or Killer Whales, are a common motif in the art of the Northwest Coast peoples.

Born in 1964 in Haida Gwaii, Andrew Williams is a carver and graphic designer. He is part of the Raven clan in the Old Masset on Haida Gwaii. His work is a blend of traditional and contemporary art and shows his passion for his Haida Ancestry and the “old stories”.

The Octopus Pendant and The Octopus Bracelet is inspired by an animal considered auspicious and a symbol of great wealth among the Northwest Coast peoples.

Trucker Suspenders with Leather Ends

August 26, 2022

Our popular Trucker Suspenders, which we have sold for many decades, are now available with leather ends. These suspenders are popular for anyone who doesn’t like the feeling of fasteners in the back. If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, these suspenders might be right for you. The suspenders fasten in the front and wrap around at the upper back, leaving your belt line free from discomfort. We’ve also added several colors. Our line-up includes Red, Black, Green, Tan, Navy and Gray. Made by Welch Suspenders, in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA.

Trucker Suspenders, Leather Ends (



The Importance of a Brim Brush

September 21, 2021

Why do you need a brim brush?

If you wear a hat, you’ll find that over time, the fur felt will attract dust and dirt from general wear. This will make your hat look dingy. The dirt and dust will get into the nap of the hat and give it a flat look.

Continuous use of a brim brush will work to keep the felt clean. It will also lift the nap to give it a brighter look. It’s important to use a brush with stiff bristles. However, too tough of a brush will cause abrasion. We recommend a horsehair brush that is stiff enough to lift the nap.

When brushing a hat, brush in a counter-clockwise direction. That will lift the nap while removing the dirt. People often rest it on their thigh, opposite of the hand with the brush. Work on the crown, then on the brim. Don’t forget to turn the hat over and brush the underside of the brim.

A good brush should be found in any hat store. Ours are available here.