Hat Instruction Videos Now on YouTube

July 30, 2010

David Morgan has started a new channel on YouTube.  We hope you will find our videos useful.  Our goal is to add more videos as they become available. 




In this video, David explains how to measure your head for a hat.






More videos can be found on our David Morgan site.




The Sydney

Our Moccasins: The Hinman Tradition Continues

July 16, 2010

Moccasins have been a part of the American landscape for hundreds of years. Soft and comfortable, their popularity has never waned. Many wear them around the home or in the outdoors. The soft and supple leather fits like a second skin.


Our leather moccasins are made by the Geier Glove Company in Centralia, Washington. Geier purchased the business from the Hinman family. In 1960, Fred Hinman, a taxidermist, began crafting the moccasins using the traditional style. 


David Morgan sells three types of moccasins. The Leather Moose Moccasin with the high ankle or low ankle, and the Leather Bison Moccasin (low ankle) with Sole.


High Moose Moccasins

High Moose Leather Moccasins


Low Moose Moccasins

Low Moose Leather Moccasins


Low Bison Moccasins with Sole

Low Bison Moccasins Leather with Sole





David Morgan Moccasins

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