Leather is well suited to belts, with the strength to provide durability and the suppleness and responsive to adjust to each person. We offer a range of leather belts, from the Bridle Leather Belts through the Snake Belt, braided and formed in vegetable tanned cowhide in a rattlesnake design.

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Hornback Crocodile Belt
Leather Belt, 1.5 inch, No Buckle
Cinch Ring Belt, 1-1/2 Inch
Cinch Ring Belt, One Inch
Natural Bridle Leather Belt, 1.5 inch, No Buckle
Slit-Braided Bridle Leather Belt, Natural
Leather Belt, 1.25 inch, No Buckle
Copper Salmon Buckle, Antiqued, Large
Raven Steals the Sun Buckle
Leather Belt, 1 inch, No Buckle
Sydney Leather Belt
Wolf Buckle, Large
Wolf Buckle, Medium
Celtic Horse Belt Buckle, Silver
Leather Money Belt
Copper Salmon Buckle, Large
Small Grizzly Bear Buckle, Brass
Celtic Knot Belt Buckle, Silver
Celtic Horse Belt Buckle, Brass
Plain Brass Buckle, fits No. 801 Belt
Plain Brass Buckle, fits No. 802 Belt
Plain Brass Buckle, fits No. 803 Belt
Airport Belt, 1-1/2 inch
Multi-Brown Snake Belt
Black Snake Belt
Salmon Buckle, Medium
Salmon Buckle, Large