Celtic Rings

Celtic Rings -- Modrwyau Celtaidd
We are pleased to offer a number of Celtic wedding, anniversary and engagement rings. These rings are manufactured exclusively for us by our local manufacturing jeweler. The rings are all substantial lost wax castings and are hand polished. The rings are sent to you gift boxed, with a card explaining the background of each piece.
Never Ending Hearts Ring, Sterling Silver
Celtic Engagement Ring 1/3 ct Diamond
Double Helix Wedding Band, Silver
Double Helix Wedding Band, L
Celtic Wedding Ring, Gold, S
Never Ending Hearts Ring, Gold
Double Helix Wedding Band,S
Double Helix Wedding Band, X
Celtic Wedding Ring, Gold, L
Celtic Wedding Ring, Gold, X
Celtic Wedding Band, Sterling Silver
Triskele Anniversary Ring
No. 3351Xg Ring without Diamond
Claddagh Ring, 14 kt. Gold
No. 3334Xg Ring without Diamond
Claddagh Ring, Sterling Silver