Pacific NW Indian Jewelry

The distinctive artistic tradition of the Indians of the Pacific Northwest has shown a continuing vitality despite the generally devastating effect of the coming of the Europeans upon their culture. Today this tradition is flourishing with younger artists both following and reinterpreting the traditions of the older culture and responding to the newer forces of their present life. The carvings, paintings, textiles and jewelry are finding an enthusiastic reception not only within the tribal communities and with tourists, but in the artistic world at large. The Northwest Indian jewelry we carry includes both modern and old pieces, with some pieces struck from dies made in the early 1900's.

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Lovebirds Necklet
Raven & the Box of Daylight Pendant
Lovebirds Earrings
Blue Heron Earrings
Lovebirds Bracelet, Small
Orca Pendant
Copper Double Raven Bracelet
River Otter Earrings
Equilibrium Pendant
by Boma
Equilibrium Earrings
by Boma
Raven and the Box of Daylight Earrings
Purity Pendant
by Boma
Raven Marries a Whale Pendant
Snowflake Pendant
Wolf Trade Bracelet
Raven Trade Bracelet
Snow Goose Bolo Tie, Pewter
Tsimshian Bear Bracelet
Moon Pendant
Raven Bracelet
Wolf Bracelet, Copper
Lovebirds Bracelet, Large
Hummingbird Spirit Earrings
Owl Trade Bracelet
Lovebirds Trade Bracelet
Shaman Earrings
Air Pendant
by Boma
Raven Stealing the Sun Bolo Tie, Pewter
Moon Earrings
Southern Resident Tribute Earrings
Frog Bracelet
Scolding Raven Earrings
Hummingbird Earrings
Eagle Hoop Earrings
Shaman Pendant
Chevron Bracelet
Halibut Trade Bracelet
Snowflake Earrings
Nectar of Life Bracelet
Orca Earrings