Celtic Crosses

We are pleased to offer a number of Celtic crosses, in sterling silver and 14 kt. gold, from our extensive Celtic jewelry collection. Inspiration for these crosses comes from the stone Celtic crosses found throughout Britain in a wide variety of forms, from the starkly simple to the complex and highly ornamented.

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Celtic Cross Pendant
Muiredach's Cross Pendant
St. Brynach's Cross Pendant
Heathergem Celtic Cross Pendant
Cross of Wheat Pendant
Gold Celtic Cross
Trinity Cross Necklet
St. Brynach's Cross Pin
Chi-Rho Pendant, 14 kt. Gold
Chi-Rho Earrings, 14 kt. Gold
Chi-Rho Necklet
Chi-Rho Charm
Chi-Rho Pendant
Chi-Rho Earrings
Croes Hir Earrings
Nevern Cross Pendant, Sterling Silver
Gold Nevern Cross
Gold Muiredach's Cross
Gold Chi-Rho Necklet
Gold Croes Hir Necklet
Gold Trinity Cross
Cross of Wheat Earrings