Bridle Leather Belts

Our bridle leather belts are made in one of the finest leathers known, top quality waxed bridle leather. Only the prime butt section of the hide is used, and all belts are cut lengthwise, the direction of greatest strength in the hide. The natural top grain is used, with its normal variation in texture and patterning.

We offer these belts without a buckle, in case you already own a favorite buckle. (Buckles may be purchased separately.)

Leather Belt, 1.5 inch, No Buckle
Natural Bridle Leather Belt, 1.5 inch, No Buckle
Slit-Braided Bridle Leather Belt, Natural
Leather Belt, 1.25 inch, No Buckle
Leather Belt, 1 inch, No Buckle
Sydney Leather Belt