Geier Glove

Geier Glove Company has been making driving and work gloves here in the state of Washington for over 70 years, and more recently moccasins. Their leather gloves and moccasins are known throughout the West for quality in fit and wear. Full-grain deer, goat, kangaroo, bison and elkskins are used.

High Moose Moccasin
Kangaroo Leather Roper Glove
Heavy Duty Work Glove
Kangaroo Leather Driving Glove
Deerskin Driving Glove
Elkskin Roper Glove
Baby Moccasin
Elkskin Motorcycle Glove
Low Moose Moccasin
Elkskin Fleece Lined Mitten
Deerskin Roper Glove
High Bison Leather Moccasin
Western Fringed Gauntlet
Deerskin Wool Lined Glove
Bison Leather Gloves
Goatskin Roper Glove
Bison Leather Gauntlet
Low Bison Leather Moccasin with Sole
Replacement Leather Moccasin Laces