J.B Field's Socks

J.B. Field's® was founded in 1877 to make socks for the Canadian logging industry. As with several old-line Canadian companies, including Stanfield's, they prospered supplying the Hudson's Bay Company with reliable, practical products, suited to the demanding conditions of Canada's extractive industries: logging, fishing, mining and farming. Today they are in the forefront in modern sock manufacture.

30 Below XLR Socks
3 Pair 30 Below XLR Socks
3 Pair Super Wool Hiker GX Socks
3 Pair Vagden No-Ordinary Sock
Merino Casual Sock
3 Pair Merino Casual Sock
50 Below Socks
Traditional Boot Socks, 3 pr
Super Wool Hiker GX Socks
Vagden No-Ordinary Sock
3 Pair 50 Below Socks