Braided Goods

The craft of leather braiding has long been used to optimize the leather's original strength, flexibility and thickness, as well as for decorative purposes. We offer a range of our own production handcrafted braided goods in kangaroo, from hat bands through to the bullwhips we produced for the Indiana Jones movies.

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Bullwhip, 8 ft., Natural Tan
Ridge Braid Hat Band
Two Tone Hat Band
Cinch Ring Belt, 1-1/2 Inch
Edge Ridge Hat Band
Cinch Ring Belt, One Inch
Double Round Hat Band
Six Plait Hat Band
Bullwhip, 10 ft., Natural Tan
Leather Spiral Cuff Bracelet
Watch Lanyard
Center Strand Hat Band
Leather Bracelet, Eight Strand
Chin Strap
Stampede String
Leather Cuff Bracelet
Pair of Stock Whips
Black Snake Belt
Wolf Bolo Tie
Whips and Whipmaking, 2nd Edition
Whips of the West
Let's Get Cracking!
Leather Drop Earrings
Box of Daylight Bolo Tie
Leather Bracelet, Four Strand
Leather Choker, Four Strand
Leather Bolo with Sterling Conchos
Whip Cracking Made Easy, Part I, DVD
Whip Cracking Made Easy, Part II, DVD
Bullwhip Hat Band
The Art of the Bullwhip DVD
Stock Whip Hat Band
Fancy Edge Hat Band
Ten Plait Hat Band
Hat Band, 14 plait
Hat Band, 14 plait, Reject
Bolo Tie, Sterling Silver Tips
Winged Dragon Bolo Tie
Haida Bear Bolo Tie
Haida Eagle Bolo Tie