Warren Jewelers

Warren Jewelers are noted jewelers in Washington state who have gained an international reputation for their portrayal of tulips, daffodils other flowers grown in Washington's Skagit Valley, host to the annual Tulip Festival. The jewelry designs are representations of actual flowers and are available in Sterling silver and 14 kt. gold. The gold pieces are hand crafted, some in three colors of gold, creating outstanding designs. All are made in the USA.

Tulip Tile Earrings
Tenby Daffodil Necklet
Tenby Daffodil Necklet, 14 kt. Gold
Tenby Daffodil Earrings, Sterling Silver
Tenby Daffodil Earrings, 14 kt. Gold
Daffodil Tile Necklet
Pink Diamond Tulip Necklet
Tulip Fields Necklet
Tulip Tile Necklet