Northwest Jewelry

We are pleased to offer a selection of jewelry from Northwest artists. Our most recent addition is Cavin Richie, known for his lost wax castings in bronze. Judie Gumm is a noted jewelry designer from Ester, Alaska where she has been designing and manufacturing jewelry since 1970. Paul Wagner's North Coast Collection is inspired by the Northwest Coast, made in the USA. Our jewelry by Frederick Design, hand-crafted in Canada, includes bother pewter and copper pieces. For more Northwest designs, we also recommend our Pacific Northwest Indian jewelry.

Blueberry Pendant
Chickadee Pin
Lowbush Cranberry Earrings
Gemdrop Earrings
Otter Pendant
Woolly Mammoth Ivory Bracelet
Raven, Clam and 1st People Pendant
Aspen Leaf Earrings
Single Blueberry Pendant
Star Earrings, 14 kt. Gold
Jade Bracelet
Mountain Sunrise Ring
Aurora Earrings
Heron Pendant
December Moon Pendant
Snowflake Pendant
Pussywillow Earrings
Freshwater Pearl Earrings
Jade & Woolly Mammoth Ivory Necklace
Inukshuk Earrings, Pewter
Snow Goose Bolo Tie, Pewter
Moon through the Cedars Pendant
Seed Planting Earrings
Wolf Money Clip
Wolf Bracelet, Copper
Salmon Pendant, Pewter
Howling Wolf Pendant, Pewter
Blueberry Earrings
Wild Cherry Earrings
Aurora Necklace
Mini Blueberry Earrings
Aspen Grove Moon Pendant
Pussywillow Pin
Macrame Bracelet
Aspen Leaf Triptych Pendant
Raven and Eagle Pendant
Raven Stealing the Sun Bolo Tie, Pewter
Tulip Tile Earrings
Hummingbird Pendant, Pewter
Reticulated Pendant, Oxidized