Celtic Jewelry

The Celts, whose lands spread across Europe from Hungary to Ireland two thousand years ago, left a rich legacy of art. They were skilled metal workers, with a strong interest in gold, silver and bronze ornaments for themselves and for their horse trappings. In Wales, where the language and culture survive with unbroken continuity from those early times, the Celtic design tradition is still part of the living heritage. Our Celtic jewelry is drawn from both modern Welsh and older Celtic sources, with design as timely today as it was two thousand years ago. Our Celtic jewelry, with the exception of the Scottish Heathergems jewelry, is made in the USA. Much of our Celtic jewelry collection is exclusive to David Morgan.

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Heathergem Heart Pendant
Everlasting Love Pendant
Gold Everlasting Love Necklet
Heathergem Butterfly Pendant
Heathergem Earrings with Knotwork
Celtic Cross Pendant
Muiredach's Cross Pendant
Celtic Dragon Bracelet
Everlasting Love Necklet
Heathergem Bracelet
Triskele Stud Earring
Never Ending Heart Earrings
Sailor's Knot Earrings
Never Ending Hearts Necklet
Everlasting Love Earrings
Oak Leaf Earrings
Heathergem Heart Earrings, Fishhook
Epona's Strength Bracelet
Gold Oak Leaf Earrings
Celtic Knot Pendant
Barcud (Red Kite) Pendant
Gold Barcud (Red Kite) Pendant
Never Ending Hearts Ring, Sterling Silver
Welsh Dragon Pendant
Creyr Pendant
Creyr Earrings
Gold Trinity Ring, Sizes 7-1/2 - 12
Never Ending Hearts Ring, Gold, L
Hounds of Arawan Bracelet
Heathergem Stud Earrings
Heathergem Triskele Earrings
Heathergem Pendant, Oval
Everlasting Love Necklace
Triple Circle Earrings
Heathergem Triskele Pendant
St. Brynach's Cross Pendant
St. Brynach's Cross Bracelet
Rampant Lion Necklet
Scottish Terrier Pin
Heathergem Celtic Cross Pendant