Packer Leather

Packer Leather was founded in 1891 by Joseph Packer and has remained a family owned and family run business, located in Brisbane Australia. They specialize in kangaroo leather, and are in the forefront in developing tannages for specific applications and uses. They have a modern plant with good environmental controls. They operate a research laboratory and technical control facility enabling them to maintain a product of outstanding quality.
6 mm Machine Cut Lace, 20 m hank
3 mm Machine Cut Lace, 100 m roll
Kangaroo Leather Samples
Kangaroo Skin, Natural, Light
6 mm Machine Cut Lace, 50 m roll
3 mm Machine Cut Lace, 50 m roll
Kangaroo Skin, black, light
Kangaroo Skin, Natural, Heavy
Kangaroo Skin, Natural, Medium
Kangaroo Skin, black, heavy
Kangaroo Skin, Black, Medium
Kangaroo Skin, Whiskey, Heavy