Western Fringed Gauntlets Part of USA Olympic Uniform

February 15, 2018

Fringed Gauntlets, photo courtesy Team USA.


The US Olympic Team’s official uniform at the Winter Games includes fringed gauntlets by Ralph Lauren. These gloves have been a staple of the West for over a hundred years, when they were obtained by trading with the Indians. Our gauntlets are made of deerskin by the Geier Glove Company. Geier has been making driving and work gloves here in the state of Washington for over 70 years, and more recently moccasins. Their leather gloves and moccasins are known throughout the West for quality in fit and wear. Full-grain deer, goat, kangaroo, bison and elkskins are used. And, they are made in the USA!


Geier Deerskin Western Fringed Gauntlets



July 1st, Repeal of Proscription

June 23, 2017

July 1st celebrates the repeal of Proscription. In 1746, after the Battle of Culloden, the Parliament of Great Britain enacted Proscription to assimilate the Scottish Highlands. The Dress Act was part of this Act and made wearing the Highland Dress illegal. No Scot was allowed to wear their clan’s tartan or kilt. Over thirty years later, on July 1st 1782, the Proscription Act was repealed and Scots could once again display their tartans.

If you have Scottish ancestry, this is your day to proudly wear your clan’s tartan.



WESA 2013 a Great Success!

February 1, 2013

The Western and English Sales Association convention in Denver was a tremendous success. This year, Alex and Mike took reins of the booth. They met a few of our vendors and met some new wholesale customers that we’ll be excited to do business with.

denver hotel room

Denver from the hotel room.

It’s a cold day for those of us from Seattle! Temps down to zero at night.

denver at night

Denver Federal Building at night.


fire dance

The fashion show begins with a fire dance.


fashion show

Fashion Show


fashion show

Fashion Show


fashion show

Fashion Show



fashion show

Fashion Show


downtown denver

Downtown Denver


mike long oval

Mike makes a long oval


david morgan booth

The David Morgan booth


just one beer

Just one beer will do


bc hats

Edward Strozier and Will Conner from BC Hats



Dinner companions: BC Hats, Shady Brady Hats and Akubra Hats


alex at booth

Alex watching the booth






WESA photos

March 3, 2011

Our trip to the January Western Equestrian Sales Association ( WESA ) in Denver was a success. The January show is larger than September’s, giving Will and Mike a chance to introduce Akubra Hats to more dealers (and make more friends). 

Chico Basin

We visited Chico Basin, a large working ranch that offers guest stays and educational programs.


Horse in Chico Basin

Chico Basin


Restored Schoolhouse

Restored Schoolhouse (built in the late 1800s).


Jose and Jose Cerrillos

Jose Luis Cerrillos and his son, Jose of Continental Leather Fashions


Bonita of Silverton Shirts

Larry and Jaya Knapp

Larry Knapp and his wife, Jaya of Cordon y Cuero


Gretel Underwood 

Gretel Underwood of Gretel Underwood, Inc.

Will Conner and Will Morgan

Will Conner of BC Hats and Will Morgan


John Brady, Shady to his friends, of Shady Brady Hat Company

Rick Richardson and Kim Tune

Rick Richardson and Kim of Two Gray Hills 


Brian, Tom and Barry

Brian, Tom and Barry of Farm Boy and Farm Girl ClothingDale, Charon and Leo

Dale, Charon and Leo of Geier Glove


Bruce Chacon

Bruce Erickson of Chacon Belts

Linda Bodick

Linda Bodick of Kabana



From left to right:  Tinka and Tisha (Edna Designs), Pam (Whimsical Originals), Pat Dahnke & Christina (Designs by Pat) and Michelle (Red Star Riggings Hat).

A Weekend of Whip Cracking

January 8, 2009

John Leonetti stopped by the store just after Christmas to introduce his friend, Paul Johnson.  Along with Will Morgan, they examined and photographed several of David’s whips.   


John and David



David and Paul

Below are some photographs from David’s collection.  (Some photos courtesy of John Leonetti)


6 ft Pocket Snake made by David Morgan  


Deer Hoof with thong from Beau Hickory, made in the 1970s.


Peruvian whip from Bernardo del Carpio


Peruvian whip from Bernardo del Carpio


On Sunday, Will, John and Paul spent the day cracking whips at the SANCA facilities with BWAHAHA (The Barton-Wright Applied Hopology And Historical Antagonistics League).


Neal Stephenson on left, John Leonetti on right


John, Paul and Louie Foxx


Whip Cracking

Braiding Whips


“Australia” The Movie

November 18, 2008

Jackman and Kidman

On November 26th the epic film, Australia opens in the US.  Almost 450 Akubras were used in the filming of the movie.  The hats were designed by milliner, Rosie Boylan, who says,

“With the men’s hats, my role was to create a range of strong character looks that carried the epic Hollywood styling of the film. I took the cinematic vision and worked with Akubra to translate their classic hats into customised pieces.”

And Managing Director Stephen Keir, the fifth generation of Keir to take the helm at the family owned and operated Akubra says,

“We sent fresh, new open crowned hats off and they then had to make them look like they’d been worn through anything from war to years in the outback.  Our hats are renowned for their durability so I’m sure ageing them was an art in itself.”

This isn’t Akubra’s Hollywood debut, with past movie credits including The Man from Snowy River, Crocodile Dundee and 3:10 to Yuma.

By the way, do you see Hugh Jackman wearing a riding coat?  The Driza-Bone riding coat is an icon of the Australian Outback, where drovers would herd cattle over long distances using stock whips.

One familiar hat in the movie is the Slouch.  Also known by Australians as “The Digger”, it is has been worn by the Australian military since 1885.  David Morgan has sold the Slouch since 1965.   These photos are of extras in the movie.  


Wearing a Slouch    

Many people wonder why we use the term “bash” when we talk about creasing a hat.  The word “bash” comes from Australia where soldiers would receive their hat unshaped.  They were required to bash it into the proper military form.


Read a review of the movie, “Australia”


The Slouch