A New Look From American Hat Makers

May 29, 2024

The Unforgiven Hat, reminiscent of the hat worn by Clint Eastwood in the 1992 film “Unforgiven”, is one of our new favorites from American Hat Makers. Since the company’s creation in early 1970s, American Hat Makers has been a family owned business passed down from generations.

The Unforgiven Hat sports a leather hat band with an ornate ornamental nail closure. This hat is made from cowhide leather and has a crunch leather finish, adorned with a teardrop crown and a flat brim. The interior is lined with with satin and a soft, but resilient, absorbent sweatband.

Leather hats are durable and long lasting. A light coating of Pecard Leather Dressing every six months will help maintain the fine appearance of your leather hat.

Ornamental Nail Closure on Hat Band

American Hat Makers is owned and operated by father and son, Gary and Garth Watrous. Gary started American Hat Makers in the early 70s with only $20 in leather, $20 in leather working tools and the back of a 1963 Chevy station wagon. Garth took over in 2005 after 50 years of hat making, and has helped grow American Hat Makers through innovation, production, and genuine connections.

Here’s a short video showcasing the Father-Son duo that we thought you might enjoy.

Continuing the Legacy

Prison Blues Introduces New Colors

May 21, 2024

Prison Blues has recently sent us their new Rigid Olive color tone garments. Made from 100% US cotton canvas, this material is a tightly woven fabric that’s stronger than denim. The Rigid Olive Canvas is a perfect fit for active work days, being made from a lighter weight and more comfortable fabric.

These products are hand-crafted by inmates serving time at the Eastern Oregon Correction Institution. The garments have helped create a work program that has given inmates an opportunity to pay their bills, build a work ethic, and gain a longstanding work skill.

In addition to their Rigid Olive color option, Prison Blues has added Charcoal. Now available in their Work Shirt line, be sure to check out the Charcoal color if you’re out playing in the dirt and need a reliable, long-lasting work shirt.

Known for their great quality and value, we recommend Prison Blues whether for casual or work wear. “Made on the Inside to be worn on the Outside.”

Spring / Summer 2024 Catalog is now available

May 13, 2024

Our Spring / Summer 2024 Catalog is now available. It is also available as a PDF file here. Here’s a quote from Will that we wanted to share.

“Dear Customers and Friends,

It is an interesting time to be in the retail business, especially with a small family owned and operated company like David Morgan. The past six months we’ve seen more vendors retired and some of our favorite products discontinued. We’ve also found some great new products we hope you like, scattered through this catalog.

I and our staff look forward to your continued patronage as we bring you our eclectic mix of quality items. Thank you!

– Will Morgan”

Akurba’s Hemp Range hat is one of those products that we’re sad to see go. The Hemp Range has been our go-to recommendation for folks looking for a hat that that can take some damage while keeping them out the sun. Available for as long as we have stock, these hats are stiffer and longer-wearing than our other Panama hats. Please call or click the link above to check if your hat size is still available.


A product we’re excited to add to our showcase is the Archaeologist Satchel by Frost River. The satchel is the perfect carrier for our 450 Series Bullwhips, used in the “Indiana Jones” movies. The bag has been so popular that we’ve sold out of our first batch but we will have more to be shipped out by 5/23/2024. Frost River guarantees the seams on your bag will stay sewn together, the rivets will hold, the zippers will work, and the buckles will do their job for as long as you (or even your grandkids) have your bag.

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