WESA photos

March 3, 2011

Our trip to the January Western Equestrian Sales Association ( WESA ) in Denver was a success. The January show is larger than September’s, giving Will and Mike a chance to introduce Akubra Hats to more dealers (and make more friends). 

Chico Basin

We visited Chico Basin, a large working ranch that offers guest stays and educational programs.


Horse in Chico Basin

Chico Basin


Restored Schoolhouse

Restored Schoolhouse (built in the late 1800s).


Jose and Jose Cerrillos

Jose Luis Cerrillos and his son, Jose of Continental Leather Fashions


Bonita of Silverton Shirts

Larry and Jaya Knapp

Larry Knapp and his wife, Jaya of Cordon y Cuero


Gretel Underwood 

Gretel Underwood of Gretel Underwood, Inc.

Will Conner and Will Morgan

Will Conner of BC Hats and Will Morgan


John Brady, Shady to his friends, of Shady Brady Hat Company

Rick Richardson and Kim Tune

Rick Richardson and Kim of Two Gray Hills 


Brian, Tom and Barry

Brian, Tom and Barry of Farm Boy and Farm Girl ClothingDale, Charon and Leo

Dale, Charon and Leo of Geier Glove


Bruce Chacon

Bruce Erickson of Chacon Belts

Linda Bodick

Linda Bodick of Kabana



From left to right:  Tinka and Tisha (Edna Designs), Pam (Whimsical Originals), Pat Dahnke & Christina (Designs by Pat) and Michelle (Red Star Riggings Hat).

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