A Taste of Our Fall 2011 Catalog

August 19, 2011

The new David Morgan catalog ships in early September. While we have many exciting new products that we think you’ll like, we can’t tell you about them just yet. But we can give you a small taste.



Black Traveller


The Traveller is one of our best-selling Akubras. It’s perfect as your ‘take-anywhere hat.’ The fabric is pliofelt, a fur felt that maintains its shape. You can push the crown down to fit inside a bag or suitcase and it will return to its original shape. Remember though that the brim contains a memory insert, so you cannot roll it.


Black Traveller



Loon Cards


Our loon cards have arrived. The new version is slightly larger at five inches by seven inches. It is still printed on natural card stock. The loon’s reflection is stylized. By Marvin Oliver, whose work merges the spirit of past traditions with those of the present.


Loon Card






Traveller Hat


Stampede Strings

August 4, 2011

Our hand-crafted chinstraps work great for hats with chinstrap hooks. But how can you take advantage of the quality of kangaroo leather when you don’t have hooks?


David Morgan’s new stampede string work simply by slipping the cotter pins underneath the sweatband and then bending the pins to keep the hooks in place.


Follow these simple instructions and you’re set!


Slide pins through the sweatband

Hold the cotter pins together and slide them between the stitches at the base of the sweatband. A pair of pliers can be helpful.


Pull the pins all the way through

Pull them all the way through until the leather braid touches the sweatband.


Bend the pins



Bend the pins outward, as close to horizontal as possible, so they will not slip back through the sweatband.


Finished look

This is how it should look beneath the sweatband.







Braided Leather Goods