David Morgan Through the Years

September 18, 2015

With David’s passing, it has given us pause to look back at our company throughout the years. David Morgan began as Austral Enterprises in 1962. Many items that found their way into the catalog began as unique items that David and Dorothy found in Wales. (David spent much time there over the years and could speak Welsh. He was a staunch advocate for Welsh independence.)

The photos below were taken from a catalog in 1980. The models are usually family and friends. Enjoy this blast from the past.



Welsh Fisherman’s Smock



Hickory Shirt (not the same maker of our current Hickory Shirt)



Medical Sheepskin



The Slouch (we still carry the Slouch, and nothing has changed on this Classic.)



And nothing has changed on caring for your Akubra!



Seattle Wind Storm

September 3, 2015

Seattle experienced a tremendous windstorm on Saturday. The Seattle area felt speeds up to 60 mph. Not something we’re used to around here!

The storm knocked out power for half a million homes for many on Saturday and Sunday. Some were still out of power on Monday.

In the park where we work, several trees were knocked down. With the extremely dry summer and branches still heavy with leaves, the wind was able to knock over trees thirty feet high.

Here is a typical tree that fell over:


By midweek, the trees had already been cut up, so all that remains are the stumps and the pushed up dirt.