The Beauty of Leather

March 21, 2014

Art Edison of Edison Leather Works purchases kangaroo leather from us. He graciously sent us several photographs of his work. Art considers his work a “serious hobby” and he is not set up for (or interested in getting) lots of orders. He likes making a few things and selling them on a limited basis.


From the photos you can see the craftsmanship of his work. Enjoy! (And don’t forget to check out his blog postings, they are very enlightening.)


While we sell Art kangaroo lace and skins, please note that not all of the photos below are fully made with kangaroo leather.





The wallets are all hand-stitched using traditional 2-needle saddle making stitching. The black one is a trifold and the colored ones are bifolds.









Like the wallets, the purse is all hand-stitched. The exterior is medium weight kangaroo, and it is fully lined with a very lightweight oak-tanned cowhide (Hermann Oak). The handle is kangaroo. There are several types of braids (flat, round, turk’s head). The round braid goes all around the gusset of the bag underneath and is doubled.







These are a few belts that Art made with our factory cut narrow lace. The black was as ordered and all the colors were dyed using Fiebings, either regular or professional oil. All of the colors require a fair amount of “elbow grease” to rub out the excess after they dry well. Art typically dyes them, lets them hang to dry for a few days, and then gives them a thorough coat of Pecard’s Leather Dressing. Then they sit for several days and when he’s ready to braid them he rubs them a lot with rags.







Edison Leather Works


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Akubra’s Cattleman Makes an Appearance at the Americana Festival

March 6, 2014

For the past few years, Australian musician and advocate Dobe Newton has given out Akubra hats and Drizabone coats to attendees of the Americana Festival in Nashville, TN. Last September, Tacy Judd, a freelance photographer who works for the American Music Association, was a winner.


Gene LaFallette at Shenandoah Photographics took some outstanding photographs of Tacy with the Cattleman and her Drizabone coat. Enjoy!


Tacy Judd


Tacy Judd


Tacy Judd


Tacy Judd


Tacy Judd



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