BC Hats, the Original Australian Leather Hat

March 16, 2018

For over 18 years, David Morgan has proudly sold BC Hats. Bill’s Stockman leather hat was the first of its kind in Australia and he perfected a way to add a wire to the brim allowing the hat to become “shapeable”. Today his original design and construction method is world renowned and the quality of a B.C Leather hat is still unsurpassed.

Unlike fur felts, leather hats can be rolled up and stowed in bags and backpacks. Any scratches or marks on the leather are not to be considered flaws. They occur naturally and are merely proof of its authenticity. The more wear you see on the leather, the more it becomes “your hat” as it develops its own individual shape and character. The brim also has a wire for you to shape it as you want.

To care for a leather BC Hat, the company recommends that you periodically treat it with leather dressing or saddle soap. Our Pecard Leather Dressing is outstanding for this. Also, avoid extreme heat such as a campfire or inside a car. This can shrink the hat. As much as you might want to dry that hat out after a days hike in the rain, keep it away from the fire! If you wish, you can apply a waterproof spray.

Suede Stockman Hat

Cool As A Breeze

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BC Hats

Pecard Leather Dressing



Duluth Pack Items on Sale

March 2, 2018

We no longer carry Duluth Pack, but we still have a couple of items on sale for an incredible price.

Market Tote

Market Tote


The Market Tote, which normally sells for $155 is on sale for $107. This tote is the ultimate shopping companion and will carry everything you need throughout the day. The tote has four snaps on all sides to secure the bag if desired.

Safari Duffel

Safari Duffel


The Safari was $245 but now sells for $174. It is a rugged and functional duffel that is made with a double reinforced flat bottom and web reinforcement.

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