WESA 2014

January 31, 2014

Will and Mike made another journey to Denver for the annual Western and English Sales Association convention. The largest trade show of its kind, it features hundreds of vendors purveying equestrian-themed items. From western rodeo and dressage to everyday items such as clothing, boots and jewelry, everything is on display.  

For five days, people from around the world descend upon Denver to see the latest products each vendor has to offer. This coincides with the Stockman’s Show, which attracts more of the Western crowd.

It was fun to meet old friends and be part of the spectacle.

Hard Rock Cafe, Denver

View of downtown Denver looking out from the Hard Rock Cafe.  

Neighbor in a head dress

One of our neighbors sporting her new head dress.  

cowboy sculpture

Beautiful bronze sculpture of the cowboy lifestyle. 

beautiful saddle

Beautiful show-quality leather saddle

beautiful saddle 2

Closer view with more details of the exquisite tooling


Mike has some fun with the replica gun dealers







Join Us at WESA 2014

January 9, 2014

David Morgan is attending the January WESA (Western and English Sales Association) convention in Denver, CO.  The Denver WESA Market is the premier trade show for the western industry.  For over 90 years, WESA has brought together retailers and exhibitors in a friendly, down-home environment.

Join us if you happen to be at the show! Will and Mike will be happy to show you our hats. This year we are introducing our expanded line of Cavin Richie jewelry.

Last year we printed a poem by Tom Mosher. We’d like to print it again.   


“Of a cowboys treasure”

His boots were comfortably old

Why, they’d been twice resold.

They were special made from down Tucson way

He always went for quality, he would say


There were several fine hats, hung on his rack

His favorite came from Australia, an Akubra, Kiandra in black

That old hat showed years of use

Nothing he owned showed abuse


Now this cowboy had more to treasure

Two well worn saddles, that gave him pleasure

And there was a loaded Ford pick-em up

‘twas nice to have a ride that didn’t buck


but of all those worldly treasures

there’s only two that truly measures

his red-headed lady and a strawberry roan

for without them, he would truly be alone