Bolo Ties by Frederick Design

April 25, 2013

Frederick Design creates elegant and affordable jewelry made of lead-free pewter. The jewelry is hand-crafted in Canada by various artists, including First-Nations.


We now carry two pewter bolo ties from Frederick design. The first is the Orca Bolo, shown leaping out of the water.


Orca Bolo Tie, Pewter

Orca Bolo Tie, Pewter


The second depicts the raven stealing the sun. Unlike our other raven jewelry, this shows a frontal view of the raven holding the sun in its beak.   

Raven Stealing The Sun Bolo Tie, Pewter

Raven Stealing The Sun Bolo Tie, Pewter


The black cord is machine-braided synthetic material. Overall length, not including the metal tips, is 36 inches.



Frederick Design





Visit One of Our Akubra Dealers

April 12, 2013

Do you want to try an Akubra without having to fly out to Seattle, Washington? There are many hat retailers around the United States and Canada that offer a variety of Akubra hats. In fact, some dealers offer styles and colors not available on our website.

With a local dealer you are also supporting your local business. As hat sales continue to grow, you can be assured that the more the retailers sell, the more they can offer.

Your local hat dealer also carries hat stretchers, brushes and many will even custom shape your hat.

So, when looking for an Akubra, don’t forget to see if there is a dealer in your neighborhood.

Check our dealer page to see if there is one near you.