What is Oprah’s Favorite Akubra? – Update

May 20, 2011

Last fall we posted that Oprah would take an adventure to Australia. (See below.) We speculated that she was wearing a Cattleman.


Recently the Washington Post spotted her with Ralph Lauren at his ranch in Telluride, Colorado. She is indeed wearing a Cattleman. The color is regency fawn.





Original Post From Last February:


This December Oprah will go on an adventure to Australia with 300 of her fans.


We’re sure she’ll have a great trip, after all, she’s already got her hat. Speaking of hats, is that an Akubra Cattleman that she’s wearing?


Update:  See more photos from Hat Life.





Stylemaster Now Available in Acorn

May 6, 2011

New at David Morgan is the acorn colored Stylemaster. While our carbon gray is a fine neutral color that complements much of your wardrobe, the acorn works best with earth tones.


The Stylemaster is popular with men of all ages. The 2 1/2 inch brim is ideal with younger men and the overall elegance of the hat attracts those looking for a classic style.


The pinched telescope crown is 4 1/4 inches at the front, rising to 4 3/4 inches on the side and then down to 3 7/8 inches in the back. The bound edge adds a distinguished touch. The brim is usually snapped down in front and up in back.


Acorn Stylemaster



Akubra Hats