Good News for Sea Turtles

September 22, 2017

There is good news for sea turtles. A comprehensive study of sea turtle nests around the world found a significant increase in turtle numbers. Over the past 16 years, counts were taken at sites that included Australia, Africa, Asia and North and South America. Scientists studied 299 nesting areas and found significant increases at 95 sites and decreases at 35 sites. It is a success story for conservation efforts.

The reasons for the increase includes the protection of eggs, females and a reduced bycatch. There is still much to worry about, however. There are still decreases in some areas, and some of the traditional nesting sites are disappearing.

You can read the whole article here.


Sea Turtle Necklet, Sterling Silver. Designed by Cavin Richie, made in USA.


Sea Turtle Earrings, Bronze. Designed by Cavin Richie, made in USA


New Driza-Bone Items Available!

September 1, 2017

We have several new items this fall from Driza-Bone, Australia’s preeminent maker of outerwear. Driza-Bone began in the 1890s when British sailor Emilius Le Roy designed an indestructible wet-weather jacket made from recycled ship sails that were treated with oil.

Today the range covers outerwear and apparel for all conditions, inside and out, constructed for durability, comfort and protection. They are durable and work in the harshest of elements.


Bowen Weekender Bag:

The rugged and stylish Bowen Weekender Bag is perfect for a weekend getaway. You can pack everything you need and throw it in the back of your jeep and head out of town. It is made of dry-waxed cotton. Dry wax is a cotton fabric which is only very lightly waxed. The backing has a water-resistant coating. It is not as water resistant as the Desert Wax and traditional oilskin.

Driza-Bone Bowen Weekender Bag


Newtown Knit Sweater:

The Driza-Bone Newtown Knit Sweater is identical to the Driza-Bone Nelson Sweater, except it has a 3 inch collar and a 1/4 length zip closure. It is very comfortable and functional for active wear. The 100% merino wool yarn is highly twisted for added strength and reduced pilling. The sweater is knitted in a moss stitch, adding texture and flexibility to the garment. There are elbow patches for reinforcement.

Newton Knit Sweater by Driza-bone. Merino wool, made in Australia.


Barkly Field Coat:

The Barkly Field Coat is made of Driza-Bone’s Desert Wax. While still a waxed cotton, it has a drier feel but has all the qualities of the traditional oilcloth: it’s waterproof, wind resistant and extremely warm in cool and cold weather.

Barkly Field Coat by Driza-Bone