New Items from Tilley

November 25, 2009

We are pleased to offer two new items from Tilley.  A leader in quality and innovation, Tilley Endurables has satisfied millions of customers for twenty-five years.


The Pickpocket-Proof Purse (say that five times) is a handy companion for any traveler who wants extra protection for their valuable items.  The top of the bag snaps closed with wooden bars.  Two plastic sheets are inserted into the sides of the purse to prevent anyone from slashing through the fabric.   





Another excellent travel companion is the Kangaroo Pouch.  It will carry all of your essential items while on the road.  Two pockets sit in the straps for your coins while the others hold your camera, wallet and passport.  Everything you need within easy reach.  Leather trim gives your pouch a stylish touch. 



Tilley Classic Cotton Hat

Tilley Leather Money Belt

A Well Kept Whip

November 13, 2009

This ten foot bullwhip arrived for a fall replacement.  The owner tells us that it was purchased in 1984 and put through heavy use.  What a pleasure to see it in such excellent condition.  Notice the darkness of the leather.  This comes from both exposure to sunshine and the vigilant use of leather conditioner.








Pecard Leather Dressing


Joe Strain’s Visit to David Morgan

November 6, 2009

Joe Strain of Northern Whip Co stopped by the store last week and introduced us to his wife and daughter.  Joe and David’s friendship goes back many years, when Joe was just beginning to braid whips.  Meagan and Alex met Joe for the first time.  A pleasant day for everyone!

Joe and David

Joe and David


Joe, Meagan and David