The Wild Man and Wild Woman of the Woods

August 18, 2017

Above our office doors hang two masks carved by Cedric Billy that tell a very interesting Squamish Lil’wat story. A Wild Man and Wild Woman live in the forest.  The Wild Man is a small, human-looking creature. Cedric has exquisitely captured the features of the Wild Man in his carving. The nose resembles a hooked beak. His eyes are sunken and he has a terrifying look.

Often, spirits of drowned people can be seen near him. And never take a meal from him, or it might turn you into a Wild Man.

Wild Man of the Woods by Cedric Billy

The Wild Woman is a giant, and twice the size of humans. She is dark and hairy with magical power. Her eyes are sunken, and she pushes out her lips to call out, “Uh, huu, uu, uu.”

She carries a basket on her back that contains all of the children she caught. She isn’t very bright and children can usually outsmart her. For some tribes, she is also a bringer of wealth. Below is another excellent carving by Cedric.

Old Woman of the Woods by Cedric Billy


For more information, please go to the Free Spirit Gallery.

The next time you are in the store, take a look at the masks hanging on the wall. They are amazing.


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