Tilley Tec-Wool Now with C-Change Technology

September 20, 2013

Our Ivy Cap from Tilley is a popular hat for fall and winter. Soft and snug, it nestles just right on the top of the head. Now it’s even better: Tilley makes it with c-change technology.

C-change Technology uses a bionic membrane that is bonded to the fabric. Imitating nature, the waterproof and windproof polymer membrane reacts in the same way fir cones react to changing weather. The polymer expands when moisture is present or the temperature is high, permitting water vapor to escape. When the temperature drops, the polymer contracts and does not allow moisture or heat to escape. Hats and caps which incorporate this technology provide constant comfort in changing conditions.


Tilley Tec-Wool Ivy Cap, Brown/Black Herringbone

Tilley Ivy Cap



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Taking the Traveler into the Mountains

September 6, 2013

Over Labor Day Weekend, Will Morgan hiked five miles into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness near the city of Cle Elum, Washington. (For those interested in the details, he hiked from North Fork Teanaway Road to Lake Ingalls.)

With temperatures hitting 90 degrees, he worried that a black fur-felt hat might be too hot for the afternoon hike. Instead, the Traveler’s light felt and eyelets helped keep his head cool. The brim provided shade for his head, face and neck. 

By the time Will had taken in the stunning view of Mount Stuart, the sun was ready to set. Fall also comes early at higher elevations, and so the temperatures dropped quickly as it grew dark.  Near the bottom it was hard to see the trail and he was thinking how it was good to have a good felt hat. Even though it had soaked up a good amount of sweat, it still provided warmth. Will’s next test is to wear it with a loaded backpack frame to find out if a wide and firm brim will bump into his pack.

All in all, he reports that his Akubra Traveler was a fantastic addition to his hike and will work well for both hot and cold days.

Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats


Lake Ingalls

Lake Ingalls


Coming Down the Mountain

Coming down the mountain




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