How to Make a Long Oval

January 14, 2011

When you first purchase a hat, you may be surprised that, even though it’s the right size, it may not sit properly on your head. Like a pair of jeans or shoes, a hat may need time to adjust to the shape of your head. And for many people, their head is a little longer then the normal shape of the hat. If this is the case, then your head is a long oval.


With a long oval, the hat must be elongated from the front to the back. This will pull the sides in closer to the head. There are two methods of shaping the hat.


One tried and true way is to follow the old cowboys. Get the hat wet and wear it until it dries.  Wetting the hat loosens the felt enough to conform to your head shape. Once you wear the hat and continue to wear it, it will maintain its shape.


The second way is much easier. All you need is a hat stretcher and a tea kettle.  David will show you the rest: