Conner Hats

July 9, 2021

We’ve carried a couple of Conner hats over the years, and working with them has been a pleasure. Headed by Will Conner, it is a continuation of the legacy of his father Bill’s business, BC Hats.

Will’s travels as a young man gave him an appreciation for how humans affect the world. Will makes it company policy to tread lightly and consider the wider outcome of business decisions. “I believe we can make a positive change,” Will says. “Thoughtful actions can improve the health of business while reducing negative impact on cultures and ecosystems alike. Our goal is to promote long-term thinking and to really consider future generations with every product we create and every decision we make as a brand.”

The wool used in Conner Hats is cruelty free. Recycled and organic materials are used wherever possible. both in the hats and in the packaging. We carried BC Hats for many years, up until Bill’s retirement during the pandemic, and are now pleased to offer these Conner Hats.

Because of our success with Conner Hats, we’ve decided to add a few more to our selection.

Airflo Recycled Lightweight Hat, Sand
Murchison River Hat
Bird and Feather Wool Felt Hat, Plum

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