For Valentine’s Day: Everlasting Love Jewelry

January 29, 2010

The Celtic symbol of everlasting love – in Welsh, serch bythol – is formed from two triskeles. The triskele, a three cornered knot, denotes body, mind and spirit. When two triskeles are joined together, they form an everlasting circle of eternity. Thus the figure represents two people, joined in body, mind, and spirit in everlasting love.


Everlasting Love Bracelet

Everlasting Love Bracelet: The three symbols entwined denote past, present, and future. Devolved length is 6-1/4 inches, width at the center is 3/4 inch.


Everlasting Love Earrings

Everlasting Love Earrings: These sterling silver fishhook earrings are double sided, about 1-3/16″ long.


Everlasting Love Necklet

Everlasting Love Necklet: This sterling silver necklet is double sided, about 1-3/16″ long. An 18″ sterling silver chain is included.





Everlasting Love Jewelry 


Valentine’s Day Gifts

Trade Bracelets, An Excellent Christmas Gift

December 4, 2009

A trade bracelet is a unique gift for someone who appreciates wildlife.  The bracelets we carry were originally created in Seattle using designs from Tlingit carvers.  They were sold to Indians along the Pacific Northwest coast who would then give them away at Potlatches.  Our bracelets are struck from dies made in the early 1900s.  The designs were created by Bill Wilson, a Tlingit from Hoonah, Alaska.


Each piece reveals a detailed image of an animal set at both ends of the bracelet.  They are narrow and will sit nicely on a slim wrist. 



Orca Trade Bracelet


Lovebirds Trade Bracelet depicting Eagle and Raven




Northwest Indian Rings

Northwest Indian Earrings

Northwest Jewelry

New Items from Tilley

November 25, 2009

We are pleased to offer two new items from Tilley.  A leader in quality and innovation, Tilley Endurables has satisfied millions of customers for twenty-five years.


The Pickpocket-Proof Purse (say that five times) is a handy companion for any traveler who wants extra protection for their valuable items.  The top of the bag snaps closed with wooden bars.  Two plastic sheets are inserted into the sides of the purse to prevent anyone from slashing through the fabric.   





Another excellent travel companion is the Kangaroo Pouch.  It will carry all of your essential items while on the road.  Two pockets sit in the straps for your coins while the others hold your camera, wallet and passport.  Everything you need within easy reach.  Leather trim gives your pouch a stylish touch. 



Tilley Classic Cotton Hat

Tilley Leather Money Belt

Lace Cutters Back in Stock

October 30, 2009

Update: January 10th, 2018. Unfortunately, The Thomas Company is no longer making the lace cutter. We hope to find a new manufacturer soon. Or, if you or a friend are handy with carpentry and would enjoy making 25 or so of these at a time please contact us at: catalog at or give us a call at: (800) 234-4934.


When we sold our last lace cutter several months ago, we discovered many people still wanted to purchase one.  We found The Thomas Company, a local Seattle company, to make a new lace cutter based on the old specs.


This leather tool is a favorite of magician and whipmaker Louie Foxx. Louie has told us he’s tried a lot of the other lace cutters and prefers this one for comfort and durability.

Made of beechwood, it holds an injector blade that adjusts the lace width from under 1/8 inch up to about 1/2 inch.  Two razor blades are included with each cutter.

Although the lace cutter is adjustable, we find it easiest to use multiple cutters set to each width we routinely need. For more information on using the lace cutter, please see David Morgan’s book Braiding Fine Leather.


Kangaroo Skin

Braiding Books

Pecard Leather Dressing

New Drizabone Products

July 24, 2009

David Morgan has added several new Drizabone products to its catalog.  All are fabricated with the same 12 ounce oilskin cotton used in the traditional Rider’s Coat.


The Brumby Jacket is a shorter, bomber style coat.  Lined with flannel, with corduroy collar and cuffs, it’s great for a stormy night.


The Bush Hat is made of the same oil cloth as the rest of Drizabone products.  It’s tough enough for the Australian bush, so you can depend on it in a thorny patch.  Water repellent, with meshed side vents for breathability.


Drizabone’s Travel Wallet will stand up to the toughest adventures.  It’s large enough to carry all of your cards, cash and checks.  The dry waxed cotton doesn’t have a greasy feel.




Waxed Cotton

How Panamas Are Made

June 19, 2009

Our panama hat supplier sent us a series of photographs that document the making of the Panama Hat.  The finest hats come from Ecuador where the climate makes it ideal for growing the toquilla straw used in making the hats.  Ecuador is also home to the world’s finest hat weavers.


The straw is first chopped down and transported.  panamahat13panamahat2


The fiber is split into narrow strands from the stem.panamahat1


The straw is dried and then bleached, if necessary.             



The straw is woven and blocked into shape.panamahat4




















































Featherweight Panamas

Panama Fedoras

The Burke and Wills

May 15, 2009

David Morgan is proud to present the Burke and Wills by Akubra.  This hat is part of Akubra’s Heritage Collection of premium hats.  It is a western-style hat with a crown that reaches to 5 inches at the front and 5 1/2 inches at the sides.

Like the Territory, the brim is a wide 4 inches.  There are 3 eyelets on each side. 

Unique for our line of Akubras is the center crease with side dents.  This shape is often found in the American West where it is known as the Cattleman’s Crease.  A horsehair band finishes off the hat with style.


Burke and Wills


Sand colored.  Sizes 7 to 7 5/8 (56 to 61). 


The Burke and Wills

Akubra Hats


Karaka Whips

March 13, 2009

David Morgan presents a new line of nylon whips from Karaka Products of New Zealand.  They are machine-braided nylon, with a lead shot loaded nylon fall and cracker.  Nylon whips are generally less expensive than hand braided leather whips and maintenance free.  If they get dirty, you can wash them with water.  They work well in rain, mud and snow.  We offer two types of Karaka whips: an 8 foot bullwhip, and a 6 foot stockwhip.

karaka 368

Item 368 in our store, the 8 foot Karaka Bullwhip:

karaka 366

Item 366 in our store, the 6 foot Karaka Stockwhip


Whip Cracking