Kangaroo and Emu Wallets Now Available

October 4, 2013

After many years, David Morgan has returned to selling kangaroo wallets. Kangaroo leather is well-known for its durability and suppleness. Although it is very thin, it is one of the toughest leathers available. It is perfectly suited for wallets.


We are also selling emu-leather wallets. Emu leather is also a thin leather that is supple and durable. The raised quills of the bird give the leather a distinctive pattern. The skin of the emu legs has a remarkable, reptile-like look that provides a stylish accent.


Our supplier is Adori, well-known in Australia for their high-quality craftsmanship. The company has a long tradition of designing unique and unusual Australian leather and travel goods.



Kangaroo Six Pocket Wallet:


Kangaroo 6 Pocket Wallet with Coin Pocket, black


Emu Six Pocket Wallet


Emu 6 Pocket Wallet with Coin Pocket, Tan



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