Change Your Akubra Snowy River into a Down Under

October 18, 2013

Because of the lack of demand, we discontinued the Down Under several years ago. Once in awhile, we get requests for the hat. Until now, we’ve had to simply say, “I’m sorry.”


But Frank, a customer of ours, told us a way to turn the Snowy River into a Down Under. You just need to do a couple of things:



  • The Snowy River has the same, mostly straight-sided and gently tapered crown as the Down Under. It is easy to use some steam to re-crease the crown into a telescope bash.


  • Slightly lower the front and raise the back of the brim.


  • Trim off 3/8 inch from the brim.



  • If you want to add a little wear, soak the hat in water and adjust the brim. You can also strategically place some clay dust for an added effect.


  • That’s all!



Snowy River Modified into a Down Under

The Snowy after modifications.


Frank with his Snowy-Down Under

Frank sports his “Down Under”.





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