Kerry Thomas, Akubra Fan

April 20, 2012

We received an email from Kerry Thomas, horse training expert and founder of the Thomas Herding Technique. Kerry’s program manages equine behavior and stress management through better human/horse communication.


Kerry is a long-time wearer of Akubra hats and finds Akubra’s quality the best in the world.



“For many years I have been wearing Akubra hats. Whether developing a TV Show or working in the international horse industry; I’m in the outdoors on a daily basis. From wild horse research expeditions in Wyoming and Montana, along the Eastern Seaboard, to racing venues, dressage, eventing, reining and even developing emotional wellness programs for children by way of the horse. No matter where I have been or where I go it’s me and my “Boss” Akubra through it all, sharing the journey, making the memories.


I buy most of my gear at David Morgan including my Akubras and own several different styles. I find the quality of Akubra the very best in the world, and the quality of service and all products from David Morgan, second to none. It’s an honor to say this, as I demand high quality and rugged, long lasting products. It’s quite simple for me, when I’m under my Akubra, I know I’m covered.”


Kerry M Thomas/Author of “Horse Profiling: The Secret To Motivating Equine Athletes” and Founder of Thomas Herding Technique


Below are a few of the pictures Kerry sent us. Thanks again, Kerry for your kind words!







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