Akubra Makes a Fine Rain Hat

April 6, 2012

We’re often asked if you can wear an Akubra in the rain. The answer is a definite, “Yes”! There are no powders on an Akubra, so you don’t have to worry about streaking. Nor do you need a plastic rain cover—that merely keeps the felt from breathing properly and makes your head uncomfortable.


When you first buy your hat, you’ll notice that the water beads on the felt. Akubra treats the felt, which makes it water resistant for several years. After the treatment fades, you will still have a quality, water-resistant hat. The rain will soak into the felt, but it will not leak.


David has had his Bushman for about thirty years. He usually wears this hat on his daily walks. And with Seattle boasting 158 days of rain per year, he needs one.


Below are a few shots of David’s hat before and after a walk. You can be certain that your Akubra will hold up just as well!



David's Bushman


David’s, “Bushman”, about 30 years old.

David's Bushman, wet


Water will still pool at the top, but at this age, it will get wet, but not leak. Newer hats which still have the treatment will not soak into the felt.

David's Bushman, After a Walk


Back from a walk. The hat is soaked, but the water did not get David’s head wet.



Care instructions:


If your hat gets wet, do not heat it. Heat will shrink the felt, as well as the leather. Stand the hat upside down on its crown, or hang on a hook in a cool place and let it dry naturally. Wet felt retains the shape in which it dries, so make sure the brim and crown are shaped as you want them before drying.


For other information on hat care, please visit our site.




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