Herons along North Creek

July 28, 2017


At David Morgan, we are fortunate to be surrounded by incredible beauty. A creek meanders through the office park and the City of Bothell does a wonderful job of maintaining it.

Right now, blackberries are ripening and available to anyone walking along the path next to the creek. Wild Roses are finally shedding their last flowers and the rose hips are turning red. Wild Rose hips, by the way, make excellent tea. It’s best to pick them after the first frost, but that won’t happen in the Northwest for at least five months.

Wild Rose in Bloom


Willow Tree


Herons like to walk along the creek, but are very shy around people. One, we believe, was nesting on a small island. Ducks are also numerous. A family of ducks once crossed the path and didn’t seem to be bothered by the people who stopped to watch.


Heron Jewelry



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