Welch Suspenders, Made in the USA

August 26, 2016

Welch suspenders have been made in Oregon since 1967. They are recognized for quality and reliability among loggers and construction workers. We have been selling them for decades and have been consistently impressed with the quality. They have gained an international reputation. We have customers as far away as France and Japan.

Welch does not only make work suspenders. We also carry a line of dress suspenders. With the rising popularity of suspenders in work and dress, our dress suspenders are the best of both quality and fashion.

Our Hopsack Suspenders are the most popular with our customers. Those, along with the Tuff Stuff are our best sellers.

Welch Dress Suspenders

Welch Dress Suspenders


Welch Suspenders

Welch Suspenders, clip ends


Welch Hopsack Suspenders

Welch Hopsack Suspenders, Y-Back


Welch Suspenders

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