Country of Origin Flags on the David Morgan Website

July 9, 2009

Are you curious about the origin of our products?  For many of our items you will see a flag in the upper right hand corner, just opposite the price.  If you click on the flag, you will be directed to a list of all of our products made in that country.


For many customers, finding products made in the USA is a priority. For those who are interested in an authentic Panama Hat, it is convenient to see immediately that our hats are made in Ecuador.  If you need a gift from another country, check the list of countries on the side navigational pane.


Here is a partial list of products made in the USA:


Geier (Gloves & Moccasins)

Larry Knapp (Belts)

Welch (Suspenders)

Oomingmak (musk ox products)


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