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Video Snippets from David Morgan

We have a number of video snippets online to help our customers. Please click on the link below for our full selection, or look further down this page for highlighted videos.

David Morgan on YouTube

These video snippets contain a wealth of information. However, the files are not small (5-10 MB). We do not suggest viewing the video snippets if you are using a low bandwidth internet connection.

Hat Related Video Snippets from David Morgan:

How to Measure Your Head for a Hat

[See also our written page on Hat Sizing.]

Putting a Long Oval in Fur Felt Hats

How to Shape Your Open Crown Adventurer to an Indy Bash

[See also our written page on the Indy Bash.]

Hat Care -- How to care for your Akubra hat. [See also our written page on Hat Care.]

Care of quality fur felt hats
Storing your hat
Removing packing marks from your hat
Brushing your hat -- how to remove dust
Steaming your hat
How to care for a wet hat

Fitting your braided leather hat band to a fur felt hat

Step by step instructions on how to attach a hat band to your Akubra hat.

How to Attach a Chin Strap [See also our written page on Attaching a Chin Strap.]

Step by step instructions on how to attach a chin strap to your Akubra hat with chin strap hooks.


How to Attach a Stampede String [See also our Hat Manual.]

Step by step instructions on how to attach a stampede string to your Akubra or other hat without chin strap hooks.

Leather Workshop Video Snippets:

Trimming a Kangaroo Skin

David discusses the different areas of a vegetable tanned kangaroo skin and demonstrates how to trim a skin to start making a whip. If you were preparing a skin to cut lace you would also trim the leg and back areas.

How to Cut Lace

David and Meagan demonstrate how to cut kangaroo lace from a kangaroo skin. Extremely high quality kangaroo skins and the lace cutter shown are available from the David Morgan company.

Paring Lace, same side

David demonstrates how to pare (bevel ) strands of kangaroo lace for four plait round braids to make the braid smoother. In a four plait round braid the strands are always crossing each other, not laying along side each other so paring both corners on the flesh side works best.

Paring Lace, opposite side

David demonstrates how to pare (bevel ) strands of kangaroo lace for six plait and greater round braids to make the braid smoother. For six plait and up paring opposite corners allows the strands running parallel to lay in smoothly.


Profiles in Craftsmanship:

Wildlife in Bronze: Cavin Richie





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