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We carry a range of brand name items, from well known brands like Akubra and Tilley through lesser known brands where the production runs are often too small to supply the larger retailers. Many of our suppliers are also family owned and operated. These items have in common their quality and the outstanding value they provide.
Sailor's Knot Necklet, 14 kt. Gold
Sailor's Knot Earrings, 14 kt. Gold
Hummingbird Pin
Lizard Earrings
Welsh Dragon Pin
Elk Pendant
Wool Toque
Sequoia Pinecone Pin
3 Eagles Urban Bag
Buffalo Pendant
Howling Wolf Pendant
Mastodon Pendant
Octopus Pendant
Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Hydrangea Earrings
Heron Flying Earrings, Post
Six Pocket Wallet, Emu Leather
Business Card Holder, Emu Leather
Spotted Owl Pendant
Newtown Sweater
Snow Goose Pin
Original Stormy Kromer Cap
Celtic Horse Belt Buckle, Silver
Leather Bracelet, Four Strand
Leather Choker, Four Strand
Sandhill Crane Heart Pin
Sea Turtle Necklet, Right, 14 kt. Gold
Hummingbird Pin
Winter Wren Pendant
Polar Bear Pendant
Holly Earrings
Wiley Coyote Pendant
Lynx Pin
Humpback Whale Earrings, Fishhook
Jack Rabbit Pendant
Raven Earrings, Fishhook
Tenby Daffodil Necklet
Tenby Daffodil Necklet, 14 kt. Gold
Tenby Daffodil Earrings, Sterling Silver
Frog Trade Bracelet