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We carry a range of brand name items, from well known brands like Akubra and Tilley through lesser known brands where the production runs are often too small to supply the larger retailers. Many of our suppliers are also family owned and operated. These items have in common their quality and the outstanding value they provide.
Turtle Pendant
Raven as a Fir Needle Earrings
Curved Salmon Earrings
Raven as a Fir Needle Pendant
Wild Turkey Pin
Soaring Eagle Earrings
Beaver Bracelet (slim wrist)
Replacement Leather Moccasin Laces
Small 3 Herons Pin
Orchid Earrings
Orchid Necklace
Sandhill Crane Pin
Sandhill Crane Earrings
Highbush Cranberry Pin
Wild Cherry Pin
Blueberry Pin
Cattail Earrings
Cattail Pin
Loon Earrings
Alder Cone Earrings
Everlasting Love Pendant, 14 kt. Gold
Everlasting Love Necklace, Gold
Anniversary Necklace
Heron Earrings, 14 kt. Gold
Heron Necklace, 14 kt. Gold
Gold Oak Leaf Pendant
Oak Leaf Pendant
The Goddess Hound Earrings
Highlander's Band Bracelet
Celtic Pathway Earrings, Sterling
Celtic Knot Cufflinks,Sterling Silver
Gold Barcud (Red Kite) Pendant
Taith Pendant
Lovebirds Bracelet, Large
Taith Pendant, 14 kt. Gold
St. Brynach's Cross Pin
Sisiutl Bracelet (Slim Wrist)
Chi-Rho Pendant, 14 kt. Gold
Chi-Rho Earrings, 14 kt. Gold
Chi-Rho Necklet