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We carry a range of brand name items, from well known brands like Akubra and Tilley through lesser known brands where the production runs are often too small to supply the larger retailers. Many of our suppliers are also family owned and operated. These items have in common their quality and the outstanding value they provide.
Running Wolf Pin
3 Rufous Hummingbirds Pendant
Marconi Sloop Pin
Whale Fluke Pendant
Tree Frog Amulet Zipper Pull
Rainbow Trout Pin
Gaff Rigged Sailboat Pin
Night Song Pendant
Eagle, Bas Relief Pin
Possum Mittens
Sitting Grizzly Pin
Stretching Cat Pendant
Walrus Pin
Qiviut Stole
Heron Rising Necklace
Puffin Profile Earrings
Bear Amulet Zipper Pull
Bear Carving, Cedar
Moon through the Cedars Earrings
Octopus Earrings, Fishhook
Great Horned Owl Earrings, Fishhook
Flying Squirrel Earrings
Raven & the Box of Daylight Necklet, Copper
Driza-Bone Classic Riding Coat
Raven Pendant, Pewter
Whip Cracking Made Easy, Part I, DVD
Salmon Amulet Zipper Pull
Female Rufous Hummingbird Pin
Possum Crew Neck Sweater
Flying Hummingbird Carving, Cedar
Tundra Rose Napkin Rings, Set of 4
Ginkgo Leaf Earrings, Fishhook
Whip Cracking Made Easy, Part II, DVD
Deerskin Wool Lined Glove
Eagle Primary Feather Pendant
Tree Frog Pendant
Starfish Pendant
Welsh Dragon Tie Tack
Hops Earrings, Post
Trinity Cross Necklet