Repacking Your Akubra Hat

We are pleased to offer a wide range of quality hats including Akubra fur felt hats from Australia. You will get the most service and pleasure from your Akubra hat if it fits you well. We ask that you check the size of your hat when it arrives. Hats can be returned for exchange or refund within 90 days of purchase. Hats returned must be in the condition received so please take care to keep the hat free from grease or dirt, and do not remove labels or ribbons crease the crown or otherwise alter the hat before you are sure you are satisfied.

Please follow these repacking instructions if you do need to return the hat to us. For more information on exchanges and returns please see Returns & Exchanges and Returns/Reorder Form (pdf).

To Repack Your Akubra Hat:

Step 1.
Place the hat on a clean table and replace the plastic crown cover. Place the foam strip around the band, over the plastic crown cover.
Replace the plastic crown cover, then the foam strip around the band.
Step 2.
Replace the round corrugated sleeve over the crown, gently easing it over the foam strip covering the band or puggaree so as not to crush or tear the band.
Replace the round corrugated sleeve over the crown.
Step 3.
Center the hat upside down in the box.
Center the hat upside down in the box.
Step 4.
Replace the tissue on top of the hat.
Replace the tissue on top of the hat.
Step 5.
Replace the rectangular corrugated support with the four tabs pushed down inside the hat.
Replace the rectangular corrugated support.


Fill out the original packing slip and reorder form sent with your hat, or use our Returns/Reorder Form (pdf). Close the box and tape it shut. Return the hat to us by United Parcel Service or insured parcel post.

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