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Hats have been worn for both fashion and function since Egyptian times. Soft felt hats gained in popularity as the city hat of choice after 1907. This style complemented the trend toward dressier men's clothing and the lower crown was also more practical for getting in and out of low-slung automobiles with limited headroom. Prior to World War II, anyone walking hatless out of doors in a town would have been very conspicuous.

All the classic city hats were traditionally sold with open crowns, to be creased or bashed when sold. The standard crease was a center crease with dents near the front. Hats with this crease and the brim snapped down in front became known as fedora hats after the style was popularized in the 1888 play Fedora by V. Sardou, and worn by such well known real and fictional characters as Humphry Bogart's character in Casa Blanca and The Maltese Falcon, Al Capone and Dick Tracy. The term fedora hat eventually expanded to include similarly shaped Panama hats and straw hats, as well as the traditional soft fur felt hats, well represented by the open crown Sydney Hat by Akubra.

In the 1950's fedoras and men's city hats in general saw a decline in popularity. More recently we have seen an increase in the interest in fedora hats. The fedora's practical wide brim and classic shape provide good sun protection and great style. It's popularity has been further increased by Harrison Ford's character in the Indiana Jones movies, who wore a fur felt hat with a modified fedora bash. (Our open crown Adventurer by Akubra is the same general shape, size and color as the hat worn in the movies.)

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City Hats by Akubra
Australia has been one of the most urban countries in the world since the 1850's, with more than 90% of the people living in the big cities. Akubra has always served this urban population as well as the needs of drovers, stockmen, pastoralists and outdoorspeople. Akubra hats combine the best of Australian style with durability and function. We have been selling Akubra Hats here in the US since 1965 and are pleased to offer five classic city hats in fur felt by Akubra:

• The Sydney is a soft fedora with a snap brim. This hat is a classic Fedora, with an open crown for you to personalize with your own crease.

The Stylemaster is a pre-creased fedora that will suit hat lovers of all ages. The Stylemaster has a moderate 2-1/2 inch snap brim and a grosgrain ribbon band.

The Hampton is our narrowest brim Akubra, just 1-3/4 inches, with a center crease, ideal for city wear.

• The Bushman, with snap brim, is again a firmer style that stayed in use in Australia as an all-round hat. The Bushman is one of Akubra's first hats, still popular today, still sold with a traditional open crown so you can personalize with your own crease.

• The Adventurer, again in Akubra's firmer Imperial Quality fur felt, is an open crown fedora similar in style and color to that worn by Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones movies. Add an Indy Bash, or your own individualized crease to have your desired style of Fedora.

All the classic city hats were traditionally sold with open crowns, to be creased or bashed when sold. The standard crease was a center crease with dents near the front although this varied by individuals. You will enjoy creasing your hat into your own personal shape. Detailed instructions are given for several types of creases on our Bashing Your Open Crown Akubra page and in our Hat Manual (pdf).

More Fedoras
Our Panama Fedora is stylish and practical for sun protection and warm weather wear'

Fedora Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to some of the questions we receive regarding Fedoras. For more general questions about hats, please check our Hat FAQ page.

How do I determine my hat size?
Heads come in all sizes, and a surprising variety of shapes. Please check our Hat Sizing page for detailed information on determining your hat size.

How do I crease my open crown Fedora?
The Akubra hats with an open crown allow you to put your own personal bash or crease in the crown. Detailed instructions are given for several types of creases on our Bashing Your Open Crown Akubra page and on our Indy Bash page.

Can I wear my Fedora in the rain?
Akubra fur felt hats are not damaged by water. Though a light shower will not penetrate the felt, during the course of a good long walk in a rainstorm the felt will absorb water. This is not a problem, you will still be kept warm and dry beneath the hat, as the hat will not leak water. Just make sure to dry the hat at room temperature setting it on a hat hook, cardboard box or shelf in such a way that the shape will not be affected.

Panama hats, including our Panama Fedora, are designed to be worn in the sun and should not be worn in the rain. For more information please see our Hat Care page.

Do you carry the hat worn by Indiana Jones?
No, but we do carry the Adventurer by Akubra, in the same general shape, style and color as the fedora worn by Harrison Ford's character Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones movies. The hat worn by Indiana Jones was a custom-shaped hat. The Bushman, also by Akubra, is a basically similar shape. We did supply the handcrafted whips used in the Indiana Jones movies.

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Stylemaster Hat
Stylemaster Hat
by Akubra
Adventurer Hat (Open Crown)
Adventurer Hat (Open Crown)
by Akubra
Sydney Hat (Open Crown)
Sydney Hat (Open Crown)
by Akubra
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Panama Fedora
Panama Fedora
by David Morgan
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Hat Feathers
Hatter's Brim Brush
Hatter's Brim Brush