David Morgan Whip Repair Services

We are able to provide limited whip repair services through our leather workshop here at David Morgan. These repair services are limited to whips in good condition purchased from David Morgan

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Please follow these steps for our whip repair services:

1. Select and purchase the pertinent whip repair service online, or complete our offline order form or call us at 1-800-324-4934 to place your repair order. 
2. Complete our Whip Repair Work Order
3. Enclose the Whip Repair Work Order and Order Form (if applicable) with your whip and send to us by insured post or United Parcel. Our mailing address is David Morgan • 11812 N Creek PKY N STE 103 • Bothell WA 98011-8202

We charge $40 for each service, plus handling and any additional insurance for whips valued over $250. Your credit card will not be charged until we complete the repair.

Whip repairs are usually completed within 30 days of receiving your whip.  If we have any questions, or if there is a longer delay, we will contact you. 

Bullwhip and Stock Whip Falls and Crackers
Falls and crackers take the brunt of the wear when a whip is used, and require replacement as needed.

We sell replacement whip crackers, and provide easy instructions online for replacing the whip cracker.

With normal use, the end of the whip fall wears off, shortening the fall. Depending upon use, a fall worn down to under 12 - 18 inches needs replacing. Falls also stretch and thin down, and should be replaced when they have become noticeably thinner than the end of the thong. Red hide falls tend more to hold their thickness but to break off, white hide falls tend to stretch more but break off more slowly, and need watching for getting too thin. In addition, the kangaroo strands adjacent to the fall will in time break because of the sharp flexing at this point. The fall should be replaced as soon as the first strand breaks. Depending on the condition of the strands, expect to lose an average of 6 inches in length of the whip thong. You may replace falls yourself, following our easy instructions, or return the whip to us for such replacement. We will replace a whip fall and attach a new cracker at a flat fee of $40 plus handling.  [See #SPEC’L-FL  Whip Fall Replacement]. This service is limited to whips in good condition purchased from David Morgan.

Signal Whip Cracker Replacement
The braided cracker on our braided leather signal whip is braided into the point of the whip. Over time this cracker will need replacing.  We charge a flat fee of $40 plus handling to replace the signal whip cracker. This service is limited to signal whips in good condition purchased from David Morgan. [See #SPEC’L-CR Signal Whip Cracker Replacement]

Good whips, properly used and maintained, should give long service. Please check our Whip Care page for further information on caring for your whip so as to avoid damage.

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