Stock Whips

The stock whip was developed as an outstanding whip in Australia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The extensive whip trade was supplied by shops where apprentices started to learn the trade at the age of fourteen, and spent five years under the tutelage of skilled craftsmen. The earliest shops were set up by English craftsmen, adept in the fine plaiting of English coachwhips, who soon took full advantage of the properties of kangaroo hide to produce an improved stock whip. Australian society at this time was split between rich landowners and the working poor, whose life was hard. Highly trained craftsmen, working under harshly competitive conditions using superb materials, with a rich and discerning market among the landowners, provided the unique conditions that brought the stock whip to a level of quality never seen before. Today, the Australian style stock whip is used by cattlemen, animal trainers and performers alike, as well as those enjoying the sport of whip cracking.

We are also pleased to offer a nylon Karaka Stock Whip from New Zealand.